The Storm Is Passing


It’s been one week since I had surgery to place a feeding tube into my stomach. I thought it was going to be an easy surgery but it has kicked my butt. The doctor and my friend Rose said the procedure was flawless but shortly after surgery when I got home I was experiencing a lot of pain. I don’t know if it was due to the muscle spasms that are a symptom of ALS or not but I was having severe pain at the site of the tube. It felt like contractions.

We called Rose to see if this pain was normal. She offered to come over and check me out. By the time she got to our house she had already talked to Doctor Fox and he suggested I head back to the emergency room for a CT scan to make sure there were no internal problems. Rose stayed with us until we got the CT results. The scan showed no internal issues and I returned home. The spasms started to decrease, maybe due to the morphine that I was given in the emergency room. It was welcome relief.

After a week of sleeping on the couch and Mark sleeping in a lazy boy nearby, I feel like I am almost pain free. Now I am hoping that I can regain some of the strength that I seem to have lost since the surgery. It feels good to laugh again without the sharp pain in my belly.

As far as the feedings go it’s really easy for all of us. Instead of taking an hour to feed me, a meal in my feeding only takes 10 to 15 minutes and saves me the exhaustion of having to chew and the struggle to swallow. All of my medications can go in at the same time. I have managed to eat peaches, cheese cake, soup and popcorn the old way just so that I could taste them.

As we continue on this ALS journey the feeding tube will help to ensure that I get enough nourishment in a more efficient way.


9 thoughts on “The Storm Is Passing

  1. Thank you for posting this episode. So sorry about the pain; glad that you went back to hospital. You have wonderful “Guardian Angels” who are available whenever you have problems. Glad that you are adjusting to this new chapter, and are still able to eat “your favorite things!!” Love & hugs, Cousins

  2. Aunt Rosemary My prayers are with you guys all. We have been friends since I was little love you guys with all my heart always will and always be there for you and the family. Love your Nince Katelyn

  3. Thank you for keeping us updated on your recovery. We wish had gone smoother for you. Trying to think of a way to be thankful…. Thankful for morphine to ease your pain, thankful for our dear and loyal friend “Rose”, thankful for a cozy couch and chair for you to slumber with a great view, thankful that this eating process will save time and strength. Hugs……

  4. Rosemary, We have been using the small bullet for some time now to puree foods to the right consistency to swallow easy. It does not take my breath away when eating pureed foods. Starchy foods need to be refrigerated and become cold first before you can place in bullet to puree. Sometimes we add chicken or beef broth to thin the food, sometimes milk or water. Good luck on your journey. I will keep praying for you, also.


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