Loving and Living

Dallas Trip

The past five weeks Mark and I have been out in the world living.

First we went to Mark and Mollie Salisz’ wedding in Milwaukee, then two weeks later we traveled back to Milwaukee for Kristen and Adam Kosidowski’s wedding. Later that same weekend we headed up to Freesoil for the wedding reception of Brian and Megan Josefowicz. We were honored to be invited to each of these beautiful celebrations.

After the Milwaukee trips Mark and I went with Chris, Kelly and Harrison to spend a long weekend with Chad and his family in Dallas. Corey was also able to join us from San Francisco.

For Memorial weekend we had the pleasure of spending time with friends at the Salisz cabin. In between all of these activities we were invited by Jacqui Bernhardt to watch her perform in “Legally Blonde” at the Frauenthal Center for Performing Arts and Kelly’s baby doctor, Janice McDonald, to spend an evening at the Red Rooster having dinner and being entertained by her husband and his talented friends who serenaded the patrons all evening.

Each one of these events was filled with love and our attendance was made possible by support from family and friends. Each of these opportunities come with a little anxiety because we are traveling in uncharted territory as my physical limitations evolve. But for now we are back in the comfort of our home to enjoy our beautiful city for the summer.


6 thoughts on “Loving and Living

  1. so happy you are able to celebrate life as you are! Missed you!
    You keep going strong, girl! High five to family & friends

  2. Wow, you have been busy enjoying friends and family!!! Love and prayers always 😘 Laurie

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  3. So glad to see this! I’d been worried about the “radio silence” lately…glad to hear you’ve been out living and loving and making the most. Your family is beautiful!



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  4. So happy that you can be out and about. I saw you at POP on Saturday night. You don’t know me personally so I didn’t want to intrude but it was a pleasure seeing you.

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