My Understanding Dad

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Just before Christmas about 15 years ago Mark and I visited my parents at their house on Horton Road. My mom had just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s around that time and we were talking about what Santa Claus should bring them and my dad said silverware. He said they had to pull out “the good stuff” because all of their everyday silverware was almost gone. He didn’t know where it was going but he didn’t seem to care very much either.

About a year later my dad found all of their missing silverware in a bag hidden in a high laundry room cupboard that they seldom used. He was so proud to find it and my mom didn’t remember hiding it. My dad didn’t make a big deal about it, he just understood.

2 thoughts on “My Understanding Dad

  1. How endearing Rosemary. So beautiful your Dad practiced such a calm understanding on this situation. Just heart-warming. A great example for others to see a gracious, gentle love.

  2. that sounds like something your dad would do…I loved spending time with them, they were the first of the parish that Vince and I got to know…met them working Bingo….lol

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