Harrison’s Future Career


Mark has stopped using the dishwasher recently because he has been saving all of the dirty dishes for when Harrison comes over. He sits him in a booster seat on the counter in front of the sink and does the dishes while Harrison looks on and soaks it all in. It is so cute because the whole time Mark talks to him and explains what he’s doing and Harrison just watches his every move.

Mark thinks Harrison is going to be in management someday because he gets a kick out of watching other people work.

8 thoughts on “Harrison’s Future Career

  1. Thanks, Rosemary, for sharing your delightful episode of “educating the next generation!!”
    Great photo! Thanks to your family for being great examples of drawing closer together! Every day is an adventure!!

  2. So cute of Harrison. I think Mark might be onto something for Harrison’s future. Thanks for sharing such a unique pix of them together.

  3. Thanks for that it made my day looks like Harrison is giving mark a few tips on life I’d pay attention he looks like he knows what he’s talking about. Soooo cute

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