A Walk to Remember


On the 4th of July Bryan, Kelly and I took a walk (well, they walked and I rode) through the neighborhood. We talked and laughed the whole time.

They were in the mood to talk about life, so I asked Bryan how the grieving process was going for him and he said he has good days and bad days. He said, “Lately when I take a nap I’ve had dreams about your final stages of life and it makes me sad.”

I said, “I wish we could think of dying as a beautiful thing instead of it always being so sad.”

After a minute Bryan said, “This past year we have experienced a lot of really beautiful moments that maybe we wouldn’t have experienced if it wasn’t for ALS.”

Kelly agreed with him which gave me comfort and made me think that maybe we are finding beauty in dying.

2 thoughts on “A Walk to Remember

  1. It was spring break 2004, Clearwater Florida. Our son Jake was a senior at MCC. Some of the boys were playing catch with a football on the beach, when an errant pass flew into an unsuspecting crowd of Catholic Central Moms. Without hesitation a petite women emerged, throwing a perfect spiral 20+ yards to a moving target. All the guys on the beach looked at each other – who threw that pass??? It was Rosemary Lambert. That spring break and many other subsequent social and school functions we came to know both Mark and Rosemary.

    Over time both Mark and Rosemary have met their challenges with grace and courage. In spite of their tremendous obstacles, both continue to choose faith, optimism and love. By their example, they have taught us all many valuable life lessons. It is within their family’s loving atmosphere that their daily challenges are met. Their lives are an open display of respect, morals, values, dignity and faith.

    Rosemary, you are such a kind, gentle, and sincere person. All of us admire your courage and passion with which you continue to live your life. By your example you have touched more than our hearts, you have touched and influenced our lives. We are so very proud to be your friend.

    God bless you,

    Dean and Kathy Jewett

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