My Birthday Surprise


On Sunday evening, a couple of days before my 58th birthday, Bryan, Corey and Kelly surprised me with a beautiful birthday party. Mark and I were supposed to meet everyone at Kelly’s condo for dinner, but when we opened her door all we could see were balloons and flowers and streamers. In fact, there were so many balloons that my wheelchair couldn’t get through without popping some.


Bryan, Corey and Kelly were waiting for us inside with Chad joining on FaceTime. Cole, Peyton, Harrison and Tucker were also there, and so were Patti and Luz, who helped the kids decorate and took pictures. Instead of a real dinner we drank champagne and ate ice cream sundaes and ended the evening with a relaxing sunset boat ride.


I loved this birthday celebration.

10 thoughts on “My Birthday Surprise

  1. So happy for such wonderful family times! Mising you on your birthday today, Rosemary, and sending lots of love your way. Hello to the whole Lambert clan.

  2. Great birthday. You had whipped cream from the can! Best way to experience the stuff. Happy Birthday Rosemary. Grandchildren just make birthdays the best!

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