The Laketon Bethel Music Ministry


Last Monday evening Mark and I had a special treat. The Laketon Bethel Music Ministry came to visit and sing for us. We expected a few choir members but seven showed up and put on a beautiful concert in our living room.

Two of our high school friends, Jill Verhulst who graduated with Mark and Mike Lintjer who graduated with me, are members of the choir and came up with the idea. I have heard Mike sing before but had never heard Jill. They both have amazing voices and sang solo parts during the concert. After the concert was over, they all gathered around and the choir director, Jan, led a beautiful prayer for me and my family.

Thank you to the Laketon Bethel Music Ministry. We loved it.

1 thought on “The Laketon Bethel Music Ministry

  1. What a beautiful blessing: the gift of Time, Talent, and Friendship!!
    and a wonderful prayer to “top it all off!”

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