Maya and Jacob’s Love


Maya (12) and Jacob (9) are our great niece and nephew who live in Virginia but are visiting their grandparents here in Muskegon. Last week they came to see us but before they visited my sister Judy, their grandma, told them my speech was difficult to understand but if they looked at my mouth while I was talking it might help them to understand.

It didn’t take Maya and Jacob long and they started to understand almost every thing I said. Jacob was so cute because he stood real close to me and as I would say a word he would mouth it while watching me so intently.

Maya was also very sweet and really great at understanding me. On Saturday she brought me a beautiful gift she had made for me. It was a Live Simple Love Like Crazy wall hanging and a beautiful handmade lace card. In the card she wrote “You are so brave and full of hope and happiness.” On the wall hanging she put a quote: “Ask and it will be given to you; search and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you.”

Maya and Jacob made me feel so incredibly loved. I think they are very brave, full of hope and happiness, too.

I love you Maya and Jacob.


2 thoughts on “Maya and Jacob’s Love

  1. Rosemary – this brought tears to my eyes. We had such a wonderful time with you when we were home. My kids are all the better for all the time spent with you. Maya and Jacob helped me as well as I was a bit nervous if I was going to be able to communicate with you very well. We fumbled through it! love you, Annette

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