The Spirit Tracker’s Story


Our friend Kurt Boerman posted this beautiful message on Facebook last night and I wanted to share it here.

On my hike the other day I came across some tracks I didn’t know. Lucky for me a Spirit Tracker appeared before me. I asked if he knew what the tracks were. He told me they were tracks made by the “Chairiot” of a Princess Warrior and her Knight in Shining Armor. He preceded to share their story, the Princess Warrior, she is loved by so many, adored by all, her stories of history, humor, hardships, adversities and understanding parallel our own but she has the courage to put them out there. She inspires us everyday to be better persons, to not take anything for granted, to love unconditionally, to be forgiving. She teaches us to share our stories, as they may help someone else, to let them know they are not alone and there are others like them, that they are loved. The story continued, together they teach us about commitment, honor, TRUE LOVE, of wedding vows that are not just words but a way of life. They teach us every day to “LIVE SIMPLE, LOVE LIKE CRAZY.” Thank you God for sharing The Princess Warrior and the Knight in Shining Armor with us.

Thank you, Kurt. We love it and you.

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