Use the Good Dishes

Good Dishes

We were sitting in the living room sipping champagne by candlelight not too long ago, Mark and the kids and I, toasting various things in life like babies and future hikes on our favorite trails and sunsets over Lake Michigan, when we got to talking about important life lessons. The conversation was so good that after a while I asked Corey to take some notes and this is what we came up with.

Be Kind
Someone famous once said, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” That is so true. Our family is going through a tough time right now, but so are a lot of other people. Just be nice to everyone, it’s not that difficult (most of the time).

Celebrate the Little Things
In our family we have something called Wine Time when we gather together with candles and wine and say one good thing that happened to us that day. Sometimes it’s hard to contribute, but nobody has ever not said something. Even if you have to dig deep, find reasons to be thankful.

Give money, give time, give advice. Every little bit is more than they would have had otherwise. Even a smile is a form of giving. Give whatever you can and do it often.

Live Simply
Get rid of things you don’t need. Toss out the junk, all forms of it. It takes focus away from what’s really important.

Use the Good Dishes
Life is too short to save the good stuff for another day. Burn the nice candles. Sleep on the expensive sheets. And by all means, use the good dishes.

This conversation was so beautiful. If you are reading this and feel like you have an important life lesson of your own to share, please write it in the comments. My family would love to read them.

15 thoughts on “Use the Good Dishes

  1. I once broke a treasured memento of my famlies, when I came to my mother crying with the pieces in my hand she comforted me and said “Better broken objects than broken feelings.” A lesson I still hold dear.

  2. Yes use the good dishes. My dad always would say to my mom “what? Are you saving them for the senior prom” That was his way of saying use it, enjoy it, bring it. Your blog just brought him to my mind. Thank you and you are SO right.

  3. Rosemary, You Are Beautiful in Body and Soul ,Always have a sweet spirit around you and I pray for yours to flow to all around you . you are Loved girl

  4. I used to always save the “good” clothes. shoes, flowers, dishes… for later “later” and too often later never came! I have started using the good, realizing WE ARE the good! Thanks for sharing your good thoughts with us! I love the inspiration you share.

  5. Believe in the people you love, value the differences, that’s what makes the world we live in so cool! Most of all, don’ t wait to spend time, tell someone you love how you feel or give that great big hug spontaneously!

  6. we have the tradition at Thanksgiving. We are in a circle around the table holding onto hands and after prayer is said, we go around the circle and everyone has to say at least one thing they are thankful for. Every year we have at least one or more non-family member who has joined us ao they aren’t alone that day; they love it and give their thanks as well!

    LAMBERTS you are tremendously AWESOME!!!!!

  7. I LOVE this – I barely use my wedding china… and why save them? I’m going to use them for dinner tonight, even if we are eating pizza. :)

  8. Over the years, I have discovered I have so many things to be thankful for. I’ve learned that it’s so much easier to smile, even on really bad days. Put a smile on your face and you’ll be surprised how much better you, and others, will feel.
    Rosemary, I think and pray for you and your family every day. You are such a fantastic person. You my dear lady are a hero!

  9. To add under the section “Use The Good Dishes”:

    Drink the expensive, aged bottle of wine from the award winning year in Napa. You know, the wine you’re saving for a special occasion. Sit with your family like the Lamberts do, make toasts to today and to the future, and relish every sip you take, even if it’s $10/sip.

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