Incredible Kindness


Back in January our friends Jim and LeeAnn White asked us if we would like to use their condo in Florida in March. This unbelievable offer was so sincere that we thought we would like to talk with them face-to-face about it so we invited them over. Every time we thanked them they said, “Please don’t thank us. It’s not necessary.” They made us feel like family. They said that they love us and it would please them very much if we would accept their gift. When they left that evening they gave Mark the key and told us to go make some wonderful family memories. God bless you, Jim and LeeAnn. We will never forget this.

8 thoughts on “Incredible Kindness

  1. You two receive the warm wonderful kindness that you have given to so many.
    Truly, truly enjoy your time!!! This is your Sunshine on a Cloudy Day!!!!

  2. Very nice to have such great friends!! Blessing to the Whites!! You two enjoy the warm sunshine and yes please bring some back with you!

  3. I know jealousy is not a good thing especially during Lent, but I am jealous…I am trying to absorb some warmth out of my computer by staring at your picture. :) Very happy you can enjoy the sun!

  4. Enjoy! Sounds like a good time and relaxing. It will be fun to go outdoors and not have to bundle up to your eyeballs!

  5. What a wonderful GIFT to you both!! Enjoy every moment, and when you return to Michigan, please bring us a little sunshine, and a little warmth, if you have room in your suitcases?

  6. So glad you guys are in the warm sunshine and enjoying the breezes. You surely have wonderful and generous friends. Enjoy your time and family and make lots of memories. We love you!!
    Wes, Deb, Carole Jean & Kim.

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