Heading Home


On Thursday afternoon we will pick Bryan up from the Tampa airport and start our drive home. Our Florida vacation will come to an end and we will be home in time to celebrate Easter at my sister Deb’s house.

We’ve had a wonderful and very relaxing time. Jim and LeeAnn’s condo development was built on a nature preserve so we saw alligators, big turtles, snakes and lots of tiny lizards. We walked every day admiring all the different types of palm trees and the beautiful flowering bushes and trees, some I had never seen before. We relaxed by the pool under the bright blue sky while Mark read to me. We enjoyed eighty-degree weather almost every day. But the thing that meant the most to us was Jim and LeeAnn’s incredible kindness and that they made everything so easy and worry-free for us. They wanted us to make lasting memories which we did. Three of our four kids were able to visit plus many friends and relatives. We are very grateful to our friends and family that traveled many miles to spend time with us. This vacation was laid back more than in the past but equally fulfilling.

6 thoughts on “Heading Home

  1. Can’t wait to see you again, Rosemary!!! Wishing you safe and comfortable travels home and a very blessed Easter with family. Love you much.

  2. I could handle the big turtles and tiny lizards but the two, forget it. So happy you time in Florida was wonderful. May you have a Blessed Easter and you too Jim and LeeAnn for your generosity! May Our Risen Savior shower you with His Love forever!

  3. Thank you for sharing your vacation time with me. I felt warm and included in this lovely time. Just like Christmas Eve and all the gatherings all “wee” Ferguson have been included in. Rosemary this Easter seems to be such an appropriate time to feel the inclusion I have always felt as your friend. May We Praise Our Savior This Easter and always to know that we will always be together for Always. Love to All the Lambert and Beckman Clan.

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