Reading Is a Gift


I love watching our little Harrison toddle over to someone saying ‘Booka booka booka’ with a book in each hand, his arms reaching out wanting someone to pick him up to read to him. This little guy is a book lover already.

Cole and Peyton have the reading bug, too. Cole was very young when he discovered a love for reading and Peyton discovered it within the last few years. I’m amazed at the level of books Cole and Peyton are already reading and that they can read and concentrate while others are talking in the same room. I love to listen to Uncle Corey and the boys discuss books they all have read and loved. This past summer Cole and Peyton were sitting at the table with cousins Maya and Jacob from Virginia. Their adult-like conversation about mutual books they have read sounded like they were in a book club together for years. Kids are so amazing.


3 thoughts on “Reading Is a Gift

  1. Rosemary, hopefully you will soon enjoy Harrison reading about Berserk Hippos with Mark, Kelly or Chris. An envelope came from Kelly and Corey left it on the dresser for days! Finally, I opened it, and found a book sharing thing. While I didn’t fully circulate it to friends (as prescribed), I did send Harrison and Baby Siegler (?) books. Your post reminds me to send more — since breaking the chain means Harrison won’t get the full 36 books!!! Love you!!!

  2. Kids are amazing, Rosemary! They’re also resilient, fun, loving, pesky and lots of other adjectives, but always amazing!

  3. You can never start them too young! It is so much fun watching them come to wonder at the books as their levels of reading increase! Have a blessed Easter Weekend with you and your family! Denise Holstege

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