God Plowed a Path


Our trip to Florida was perfectly orchestrated by God and carried out by Mark, Bryan, Kelly and Jim and LeeAnn White. Now we are about to enter a more difficult path in my ALS journey as I continue to decline. My physical body is a lot like a paraplegic which makes for a lot of extra work and worry for the people around me. I pray that God will continue to plow a path filled with grace and astounding beauty for all of us.

I hope everyone had a beautiful, loved-filled Easter.

5 thoughts on “God Plowed a Path

  1. Rosemary seeing you Easter was a highlight to a most Holy Day. You remain a blessing in my life which God has destined us as friends considered family. I cannot imagine what our lives would have been without those two guys — Chad and Ron.
    I have marveled at your stamina, grace and ability to lead in teaching others by learning the use of the machines to communicate despite your limited use of body. How astounding.
    But most of all I have been given God’s view of the love of a family for such a deserving person. Your journey has been so difficult but you are still able to demonstrate your love of God by — faith, grace in being and the love that twinkles in your eye.
    I will be praying with and for you for God’s comfort and peace. I thank my God each and every time I think of you. For knowing you, your husband, children, your grandchildren Harrison, Peyton and Cole, your family on both Mark and your side and the friends God has brought to share in this part of life.

  2. I believe your writing about your journey has affected many lives. I know it has affected mine in many ways. I love the strength and goodness you describe about you and your family and how they have all formed a circle around you,each one equally important in becoming one entity. Thank you for sharing.

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