A Surprise from China


Melissa and Allison, our beautiful nieces, pulled off a wonderful surprise recently. Melissa, who has lived in China for the past three years, flew into Grand Rapids for four days to surprised her mom Deb and her niece Abbie for their birthdays. The surprise was a huge success and they even squeezed in a trip to Muskegon to visit us.

Three years ago Melissa’s husband Chad, who works for General Motors, said yes to an exciting career opportunity to live and work in Shanghai. Within months of the offer they sold their house and two cars, packed up everything and off they went with their two young children, Connor and Brooke, to start a new life in China. They went with a great attitude and open minds in the hopes of making this a great family experience and it certainly has been. Now their three years are over and it is time for them to move back to the United States and we will be happy to have them home.


2 thoughts on “A Surprise from China

  1. Fantastic Birthday Surprise for entire family!! How wonderful! Glad to see so many relatives bringing joy to brighten your day!! :-)

  2. I have said it before..but it is oh.so.true. I love you Rosemary Beckman Lambert. you are an inspiration and that didn’t just start with your diagnosis. Others have always watched you and loved who you are. I was just one of them. Thank you for your candor and your grace. Praying every single day for you and yours. Much, much love.

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