Change is difficult, especially when we lose something we’ve relied on for our whole lives, such as our voice. When I told you in an earlier post that my voice was completely gone, well that was when I was sick in April but it came back a little and I can still squeak out a few words that are understandable. It may take my listener several attempts before they guess the right word but most are very patient and willing to wait. When I’m not in front of my Tobii we’ve worked out some sign language for yes and no. Two blinks is ‘yes’ and one blink holding my eyes shut is ‘no’. It works really well until nighttime when I get tired and my eyelids get heavy because then my yes looks more like a no. We also use an alphabet card to spell out a word and a card with frequently used phrases. All of these aids help me communicate but having a little bit of my voice back is the best aid of all and I am so grateful for it.

5 thoughts on “Change

  1. Your amazing strength is a reminder to us all that we have NOTHING to complain about and how much we take our health and bodies for granted. I believe your “voice”, even if not audible, will always be heard. Thank you for your continued postings, your journey is an inspiration and an education to all of those living with ALS and it gives the rest of us a greater understanding. Hugs.

  2. How wonderful for you Rosemary. It fills my heart with joy to know that you have been blessed with a bit of your voice back. Keep hangin’ in there!! Love you bunches.

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